1. Hairy ass x smooth ass? Which is your favourite?

  2. Would you like to have his babies? 

  3. BREED ME!!!

  4. Would you like to clean up that hot mess?

  5. Have to admit; WE want BBE breeding too! Don’t you BBoys?  

  6. Lucky BBoy!!! Well, lucky BBoys actually! 

  7. Out of the three… Which one is your BBest RAW double FUCK?

  8. Something is missing there!!! And is CUM!!! LOADS OF IT!

  9. How good a big raw cock feels in and out? 

  10. Take it like a man greedy BBoy!

  11. What a waste of CUM!!! But still hot to see that!!!

  12. Where would you like that RAW HUGE BREEDING TOOL?

  13. Don’t we love cumwhores?

  14. This is what happens when you get bred BBig TIME!

  15. It’s still weekend!!! Why not make it double?